Facebook Considered Selling User Data?

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An underacted legal paper examined by The Wall Street Journal claims that internal emails imply that the social network giant Facebook Inc. gave thought to sell user data to companies paying them for the access. This would have caused a huge chaos as it violates their own rule of not […]


MS Access Database Repair and Recovery | Fix Corrupt MDB and ACCDB Files

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Microsoft initially released a sophisticated Database Management System (DBMS) in 1992 which we know as Microsoft Access. Microsoft Jet Database Engine is backed with interactive GUI (Graphical User Interface) and development tools to make MS Access fully functional. With such a powerful DBMS with everyday extensive usage, there comes a […]


MySQL Database Recovery

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MySQL is an open source RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) which uses SQL. It is a part of LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL Perl/PHP/Python). It is used to manage the database of a website or ERP (Enterprise Resource Package). It seamlessly provides the execution of SQL database that is compatible with […]


Recover Linux Partition

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Unlike Windows, Linux uses extended (ext4, ext3, ext2) filesystem to control how data is stored and retrieved. Latest versions of Linux mostly use Ext4 filesystem which is the successor to Ext3. Mechanism of data recovery from Windows is quite a different form data recovery from Linux because of difference in […]


HEIC to JPG Converter

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HEIC image file is the rasterized image saved in High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF). According to the developers of HEIC image format, and HEIC image file can contain twice the data for a JPG/JPEG file of the same size and even in better quality. It may contain a single image […]


Recover Data from Virtual Machine

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Virtual Machine (VM) is the emulated computer system that enables host system to run or work as another system (guest). VM provides the features of physical computer. It offers a layer of abstraction between the computing resources and the applications running over it. In simple words you can say that […]


OST to PST Converter

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An Offline Storage Table (OST, .ost) is created when “USE OFFLINE FOLDERS” option is selected in Microsoft Outlook. It enables users to work offline and when the work is done, the changes can be synchronized as soon as connection with exchange server is established. OST to PST converter tool is […]


Recover Deleted Photos | Media and Files Recovery

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Memories captured in camera are once for a lifetime. What passes never come back. Losing your personal or professional data [Photo, Videos, Audios files] due to corrupt or accidentally formatted media storage devices like SD card, digital camera, pen drives, hard disk drives, etc. can be really disappointing. But you […]

play blu-ray movies on PC

Play Blu Ray Disc, ISO, or Videos on PC

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Blu-ray or Blu-ray Disc (BD) is basically a Digital Optical Disc Data Storage format which was designed to supplant the Digital Video Disc (DVD) format. Blu-ray Disc can store hours of video data in High Definition resolution (HDTV 720p and 1080p) and Ultra High Definition resolution (2160p). The name “Blu-ray” […]