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Blu-ray or Blu-ray Disc (BD) is basically a Digital Optical Disc Data Storage format which was designed to supplant the Digital Video Disc (DVD) format. Blu-ray Disc can store hours of video data in High Definition resolution (HDTV 720p and 1080p) and Ultra High Definition resolution (2160p). The name “Blu-ray” comes from the technology that has been used by the Disc. It uses blue laser (actually violet) to store and


How to recover deleted data from android phone? Don’t worry, you are in right place for this answer. It happens a lot of time when we accidentally press the deleted button on some valuable content be it photos, videos, or audio files. But the good news is whatever we delete from the storage is exactly not deleted completely. The lost data is still in sectors of your storage device be


Accidentlly deleted photos or videos? Accidently deleted Messages and Contacts? Want to recover data from a damaged iPhone? Don’t worry, you are in right place to get your problem fixed. Follow these steps to recover deleted or lost data from iOS device like iphone and iPad. iOS data recovery tool can recover deleted Messages, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Sound files, etc. in just some simple clicks of mouse. Leawo iOS Data


How to repair corrupt InDesign Adobe files? You are in right place for the answer. Stellar InDesign Repair, is the only tool that can repair corrupt InDesign file without any data losing its data. Can’t open InDesign files? InDesign files got corrupted? Follow the below steps to repair InDesign file and make it usable again. Step 1: Launch the software, and Click “Next” to proceed. Step 2: Click on “Select


Offline Explorer Pro, a smart and fast method for downloading the websites for later offline use. The software is powerful tool which lets you download the complete website in no time and lets you open it later even when you have no internet connection. With Offline Explorer Pro, you can download Web, FTP, HTTPS MMS and RTSP sites (up to 500 simultaneously), and view them later offline. The software comes


INDD is the file format for the Adobe InDesign document, developed by Adobe Systems. Adobe InDesign is an artwork publishing software which is used to create magazines, newspapers, flyers, posters, ebooks, books, and presentation. It is the best tool for graphic designers as it comes with all the preloaded functions and toolkit to build up eye-catching artworks. All you need is an idea and creativity rest will be taken care


We all have came across a time when we accidentally deleted important photos and videos from our phone. The memories we capture in our phone are once for a lifetime. Pictures and videos are the best ways to preserve important moments of life, since a very long time. Our phone contains all the important contacts, text messages, notes, etc. What if you accidentally format iPhone? Or lost data from iPhone


We all have come across a time when we have deleted important photos, videos or files by accident. Sometimes we have backup sometimes we don’t. Memories captured through phone’s camera are once in a lifetime. The tide of time never runs backward. If you have deleted some beautiful photos or videos accidentally or for some reason your photos and videos got corrupted, then you will surely feel bad about it.


How to Repair corrupt or broken MDF and NDF file of MS SQL database? Lost records from database? MS SQL Server database got corrupted? database file not opening? database file (.MDF and .NDF) got corrupted? Don’t worry, with Stellar SQL database toolkit, you’ll simply repair and recover corrupt or damaged MS SQL Server database files. Stellar Phoenix SQL database Toolkit repairs every kind of corruption among SQL Server database and


Some times it happens we put something on a safe place but then we forget what that safe place was. Same thing happens while remembering some sequence of characters like passwords. We choose a safe and strong password but then we forget what the safe sequence was. Unable to access PC due to password protection can be tension when you are on the edge of your target deadline. All the