HEIC image file is the rasterized image saved in High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF). According to the developers of HEIC image format, and HEIC image file can contain twice the data for a JPG/JPEG file of the same size and even in better quality. It may contain a single image or sequence of image with their metadata describing each image. HEIC image format is used by Apple in macOS High

play blu-ray movies on PC

Blu-ray or Blu-ray Disc (BD) is basically a Digital Optical Disc Data Storage format which was designed to supplant the Digital Video Disc (DVD) format. Blu-ray Disc can store hours of video data in High Definition resolution (HDTV 720p and 1080p) and Ultra High Definition resolution (2160p). The name “Blu-ray” comes from the technology that has been used by the Disc. It uses blue laser (actually violet) to store and


Offline Explorer Pro, a smart and fast method for downloading the websites for later offline use. The software is powerful tool which lets you download the complete website in no time and lets you open it later even when you have no internet connection. With Offline Explorer Pro, you can download Web, FTP, HTTPS MMS and RTSP sites (up to 500 simultaneously), and view them later offline. The software comes


Some times it happens we put something on a safe place but then we forget what that safe place was. Same thing happens while remembering some sequence of characters like passwords. We choose a safe and strong password but then we forget what the safe sequence was. Unable to access PC due to password protection can be tension when you are on the edge of your target deadline. All the