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We all have come across a time when we have deleted important photos, videos or files by accident. Sometimes we have backup sometimes we don’t. Memories captured through phone’s camera are once in a lifetime. The tide of time never runs backward. If you have deleted some beautiful photos or videos accidentally or for some reason your photos and videos got corrupted, then you will surely feel bad about it. Loss of photos and videos occurs due to various factors like corrupt internal storage, virus attack, accidentally formatting your phone or SD card, broken update, etc. But don’t worry, you can recover deleted data from android phone using advance android data recovery software.

The good news is everything that has been deleted can be recovered or restored if the memory area is not overwritten by a new data. When we delete a file, the pointer to that memory area is removed, and operating system marks that area as available. Until the new data is overwritten in that memory area, the deleted data is still recoverable. In some cases, it is recoverable even when data is overwritten by a new data.

Dr.Fone for Android is the world’s first Data Recovery Software for Android Smartphones which can recover deleted files from android like photos, videos, audios, even SMS and contacts. You can undelete files from android that includes SMS, Contacts, Photos, Videos, etc. that are lost due to deleting, restoring factory settings, flashing ROM, rooting, etc. both from SD cards and internal storage of the android phone. You get 100% privacy over the recovered files.

Dr.Fone Android Suite is capable of bringing your lost data back in almost every situation. Some of the known issues which can be solved with this software are : –

  • Lost data after factory restore
  • Lost data due to OS update
  • Device stuck and not responding
  • Data missing after rooting or ROM flashing
  • Device locked or forgotten password
  • Unable to synchronize backup

Various types of Files Are Recoverable

Our phone contains all the basic and important things of us. Be it contacts of  friends and families or text messages from loved ones, photos and videos of favorite moments or audio sound of your newly born baby. You don’t want to lose things like that.

You can  get back all your lost contacts, texts messages, photos, WhatsApp messages, music video and other documents that are accidentally lost.

Recovery from Internal Storage

You can recover lost data not only from SD card but also from the internal storage which is a big plus point since after android 4.4.2 update, android has restricted the SD card access to third party apps and internal storage of the device is used as the primary storage. You can get help in recovering lost data after factory reset or due to internal system failure of android devices. Some of the major issues faced by users are: –

  • Data lost due to factory reset.
  • Data lost due to OS update.
  • Data lost after rooting.

Dr.Fone Android Toolkit is the answer to all of the above mentioned problems and more. All you need is a Phone and a data cable to connect with PC.

Recovery from SD Card

Lost data from SD card? Accidentally formatted your SD card or accidentally deleted important photos and videos from your SD card? Then you are on the right place to recover your lost data back. Dr.Fone Android Toolkit makes lost data extraction from SD card in the most effective and efficient manner. To scan SD card on Android phone, directly connect your phone to PC via data cable or use a card reader, both will work.

Rooted and Unrooted Android Devices

Android Data Recovery Tool is designed in such a way that it does not affect the root status of your device. The software works for both rooted and unrooted android device without tempering its root status. i.e. After recovery, rooted device will still be rooted and unrooted device will still be unrooted. This feature makes it the most reliable software among root android users.

Unlock Device

Have you forgot password of android phone? Can you not remember the changed password of android device? This powerful software is facilitated with the feature that can help you unlock android device in case if you have forgotten your password. It will remove the lock screen of android device so that you can get control of your device back.

Recover Data After Rom Flashing

Data loss after rom flashing is common issue faced by most of the android users. The urge to learn more and to make phone more customizable makes us flash our phone with custom ROMs. This somehow turns a nightmare for us as we see lost data after rom flashing. This software is capable to recover lost data back even after flashing ROM or after rooting your device.

Selective Recovery

Selective recovery gives you more controlled over the data to be recovered. You can specify a particular data or you can select all the data items to be saved on your PC after completing to recovery process from the software.

100% Safe Guarantee

The software only reads the data on device. It would not modify or change or leak anything.

User Friendly

The clean user-interface makes it more comfortable to work on. You don’t need any advance computer skill to work with this amazing tool. All the tasks can be achieve with simple clicks of mouse.

30 Days free Trail

Enjoy the benefits of the product for 30 days absolutely free with the trail version.

Support 6000+ Android Models

Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery software has been proven to helpful for over 6000 different Android models ranging from Phones to tablets manufactured by Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei, etc. The number is still growing rapidly, proving the impact and capability of the software in the world.

Free Upgrade

Android Data Recovery Software provides free upgrade including Customer service to newer versions in future for all the users.

Support and Compatibilty

OS Support: Windows (32 bit and 64 bit)

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