Repair and Recover Corrupt SQL Database


How to Repair corrupt or broken MDF and NDF file of MS SQL database?

Lost records from database? MS SQL Server database got corrupted? database file not opening? database file (.MDF and .NDF) got corrupted? Don’t worry, with Stellar SQL database toolkit, you’ll simply repair and recover corrupt or damaged MS SQL Server database files.

Stellar Phoenix SQL database Toolkit repairs every kind of corruption among SQL Server database and restores corrupted objects from NDF and MDF database files. The original structure of information remains unaltered to maintain its integrity. It allows you fix the corruption from the objects of database that are not accessible.

Stellar Phoenix Database Toolkit is the smart software which every web developer must have. Some of the key features of Stellar SQL database Toolkit are:

  • Repair corrupt MS SQL Server database files.
  • Repair corrupt NDF and MDF files.
  • Recover deleted records from MS SQL server database.
  • Repair database without any data loss.
  • Recover Views, Keys, Indexes, Tables, Triggers, etc. from database.
  • Recover inaccessible SQL database from broken backup files.
  • Save repaired file in MS SQL, HTML, CSV and XLS format.
  • Reset password of SQL server with direct access to SQL MDF file.


SQL Database Repair

SQL database Toolkit will recover all the database elements including Indexes, Views, Keys, Tables, Triggers, etc. you can save the recovered data at desired location of your local pc. The software helps you to recover ROW-compressed data and PAGE-compressed data. With SQL database toolkit, you can restore broken or corrupt MDF and NDF file without any data loss. This is the proper tool to repair SQL Server database.


SQL Backup Recovery

SQL Backup Recovery can recover all the objects from both full and differential backup versions of SQL backup. All the available .BAK files can be listed with scan and further can be used to recover lost or damaged data from the database. You can extract data from broken or corrupt BAK files of database and restore to a brand-new database file without any data loss.


SQL Password Recovery

Stellar SQL database Toolkit is featured with practicality to enable you access ‘master.mdf’ to reset SQL Server system administrator as well as individual user password from the targeted server. This database recovery toolkit is compatible with numerous SQL server versions and supports latest version of Windows operating system.


Recover Deleted Records from MDF or NDF file

SQL database Toolkit is a powerful software which can recover deleted records at the same time while the process of repair is running. The Original structure of the database remains unharmed after recovery of deleted or lost data from MDF or NDF file. This feature allows user to look at deleted records clearly and verifying its originality before saving.


Selective Recovery from Corrupt Database

SQL database Toolkit permits you to run selective recovery of database objects, like tables and items as per user requirements. The powerful tool permits user to pick out specific objects to be recovered from the list and save them on desired location on the system.


Recover ROW-compressed and PAGE-compressed data

SQL Database Recovery Toolkit can recover ROW-compressed and PAGE-compressed data from corrupt or damaged database file. In addition to that, this tool supports SCSU (Standard Compression scheme for Unicode) for SQL Server 2008 R2 and recovers data with its integrity intact.


Database Preview

The user-friendly interface comes with the practicality of previewing the data before recovering it. After finishing the scan of the corrupted database, the tool displays the damaged files in the form of tree-like structure. This featured helps user to verify the items to be recovered.


All-in-One solution

Stellar SQL Database Toolkit is the complete bundle that permits you to repairs your corrupted SQL database regardless of the reason that caused it, be it Cluster Index, Leaf Level Corruption or Consistency Corruption. apart from that this powerful tool conjointly allows users to reset the lost SQL server Administrator and User passwords. The tool ensures the swift recovery of broken SQL backup files (.BAK).


Automatic Detection of SQL Server Version

This smart tool comes with practicality of automatic detection of the SQL Server Database Version. The software lets user to manually choose the version of SQL Server if the database file is heavily corrupted. The tool supports the most recent versions of SQL server.


Multiple Backup Supports

The smart design and back-end programming of the software makes it more powerful tool if its kind. The software permits you to recover the database from every kind of Backups including, Full, Differential, or transaction Log. backup file can be searched from the disk just in case its location is not acknowledged. The recovered SQL database files can be saved to default or user’s desired location on the system.


Clean and Enhanced GUI

Clean user-friendly interface and file preview practicality of the toolkit offers user an advantage to create their selection simple throughout the recovering and restoring of database. The dynamic user-interface permits you to customize the individual choices as per your need to build recovery process more practical.


Automatic Reconnect Once Disrupted

Encountered disruption during recovery of MS SQL database file? No worries, the software is designed in way that it reconnects to the MS SQL server automatically when it encounters some disruption during the repair process. This feature helps you to get sleek recovery even after disruption throughout the process the method.


Support and Compatibility:

Operating System:
Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit), and all below versions (32 bit and 64 bit)

MS SQL Server:
2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008*64, 2008 Express, 2005, 2005*64, Express, 2000, 2000*64, 7.0 and other mixed formats.


Do I require MS SQL Server to restore Corrupt SQL backup file?
Yes, SQL server need to be installed on your system to work with SQL Backup Recovery provided by the software. All the SQL Server Services need to be started before starting the recovery process.

Can I see the preview of corrupt SQL database even if I have not install SQL Server Database on my PC?
Yes, you can see the preview of corrupt SQL server database even if you don’t have SQL Server Database installed on your system. But you cannot save them until you have installed SQL Server Database.

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