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Microsoft initially released a sophisticated Database Management System (DBMS) in 1992 which we know as Microsoft Access. Microsoft Jet Database Engine is backed with interactive GUI (Graphical User Interface) and development tools to make MS Access fully functional. With such a powerful DBMS with everyday extensive usage, there comes a risk of losing all the data due to corruption in database system.

In case of any such misfortune, what to do to repair corrupt MS Access database? How to repair corrupt MS Access files without losing any data? There are basically two solutions to repair corrupt MDB files – either you can fix access database using command line interface by inspecting every critical portion of the database, this requires high end technical skills. Or, you can just use repair and recovery software like MS Access database repair tool to fix corrupt access database files. It is as efficient as data recovery from MySQL database.

What can MS Access database recovery software do?

  • It is the best MDB repair tool, it can repair corrupt MDB files without losing its integrity.
  • It can repair corrupt ACCDB files.
  • This powerful access repair tool recovers the tables, linked tables and forms from the corrupt access database file.
  • Recover relational database, macros and modules with the help of database recovery tool.
  • Compatible with every MS Access version.

Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair tool can repair corrupt access database files and restore it as original without loss of any data. It is a simple yet powerful MS access repair tool that deals with corruption caused in MDB or ACCDB type MS Access files. MDB repair tool recovers all the inaccessible objects from the corrupt file without losing any data and save it to the default or specific location. Apart from fixing the database, ACCDB repair tool also recovers the deleted records from the database. It does recover even password protected forms and modules from the access database.

What corrupts an Access Database?

The major factors the may result in corruption of a database file are:

  • Underlying hardware problem in the storage device.
  • Simultaneous write operation on the same file.
  • Virus attack.
  • Missing necessary system files.
  • Unexpected system shutdown.
  • System crash.

repair ms access database

Repair Any MS Access Database File

Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair is an all-in-one solution. It does repair access database files with maintaining 100% integrity rate. It means it repairs corrupt MDB files without losing or altering its content. MDB repair tool triggers an extensive search operation which finds the core of the problem. It fixes the corruption in the database files regardless of reason responsible for it – software or hardware.


Clean and Easy User Interface

Access database recover software does not require high end technical skills to work with. Everything can be achieved with just simple clicks of mouse. For example, select the corrupt MDB or ACCDB file from local hard disk by browsing the file manager. The ribbon arrangement gives you easy to use feel while working to recovering the corrupt database objects and tables.


Repair and Recover Relationship in the Database

The database repair tool takes care of all the relationships created among tables to remove redundancy. It repairs all the relationships in the database and restore it in the recovered table as it was in original.


Recover Deleted or Corrupt Data from Linked Tables

The best part of Access database repair tool is that, it has broad scope of usage. It can repair corrupt access database that is linked with different database of same or different source. All the linked-tables are recovered as the original without loss or modification of the content and structure of the table, records and other objects.


Preview of the Repaired MDB or ACCDB Access Files

Keep track of the repaired database to verify the success status which is provided in the main software screen. The right pane consists of two columns – ‘Table data’ and ‘Column Information’. This gives surety that ACCDB or MDB files have been repaired and recovered.


Selective Object Recovery from Access Database

If you are intended to recover a specific object from the access database then you can use Find Tree Item. It allows you to search desired objects across the database to preview and recover.


Recover Deleted Records from Access Database

With MDB file repair tool not only fixes the access database but also gives you opportunity to recover the deleted records from the database that were previously present. Thus, this powerful tool acts as a complete solution of Microsoft Access Database.


Access Database Recovery

MDB file repair tool not only allows to repair MDB database but also can recover deleted records from MS Access database. This database repair tool carries out a powerful search operation to look for deleted objects in the MDB or ACCDB files. Just choose Scan for deleted records while choosing the Access file to repair.


All-in-one MS Access Database Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair comes as a complete solution of Access database file. It repairs the corrupt database objects like, tables, linked-tables, macros, forms, modules, indexes, fields, etc. When you have MS Access repair tool in hand, you don’t need any other tool to repair MDB database. Common user problems like “*.mdb file is not a database file”, “unrecognized database format”, “Microsoft Jet Database Engine fails to find the object”, etc. can be fixed with advance access repair tool.


Save Repaired Access File to Any Location

To fix access database, use MDB repair tool. Once the process has been completed you can preview the recovered file at the main interface and save it to the default location or desire location.


Compatibility and Support

  • MS Access: 2016 and all previous versions.
  • Operating System: Windows 10 and all previous version
  • RAM: 1GB (Recommended)
  • Hard Disk: 50 MB of free space (Recommended)

Step by step procedure to repair Microsoft Access Database

Step 1: Start the main software interface and choose or search the corrupt Access file to be repaired.


Step 2: You will get the list of all the files and select the file to repair.


Step 3: You will see the MDB database repair progress bar.


Step 4: You will see the success dialogue message.


Step 5: Now the main interface will show you two columns – table data and table information.


Step 6: Now the repairing of access file has been completed. You will get the option to save the file at default location or the location of your choice.


Step 7: Saving of file is in progress.


Step 8: Congratulations!!! File has been successfully saved.


Product Details

  • Product Name: Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair
  • Version: 5.5
  • Version Launch: July, 2016

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