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INDD is the file format for the Adobe InDesign document, developed by Adobe Systems. Adobe InDesign is an artwork publishing software which is used to create magazines, newspapers, flyers, posters, ebooks, books, and presentation. It is the best tool for graphic designers as it comes with all the preloaded functions and toolkit to build up eye-catching artworks. All you need is an idea and creativity rest will be taken care by the software itself.

Creating an artwork using Adobe InDesign requires lots of time, effort and creativity. What if your created INDD files get corrupted due to some reason? Is it the end of all your hard work you put in creating that file? Corruption of INDD files are normal and there can be various factors affecting them such as, System failure during working on that particular file, virus or malware attacks on your PC, Improper handling of file, etc.

Are you having trouble in loading INDD files? Is your InDesign file got corrupted for some reason? Or have you accidentally deleted your InDesign file?
Don’t worry, you are on right place to get your corrupted INDD files back.

The software is created by best of the developers and is tested by many artworks publishers for this purpose particularly. You can easily repair your corrupted indd files and be able to use them back.

Stellar InDesign Repair is the only tool which can fix the corrupt InDesign documents and restore all design elements such as Text, Images, Tables, Media Objects, Layers, Notes & Footnotes, TOC, Bookmarks, Hyperlinks, Cross-references, Standard Shapes Special Characters, Animations etc. Stellar InDesign Repair is a great tool having amazing useful features that actually helps you getting your corrupt .INDD file back.

This powerful tool is the answer for your following questions :-

  • InDesign File won’t open.
  • How to open corrupted INDD files?
  • How to Fix corrupted INDD files?
  • How to open broken INDD files?

Some of the Key Features include :-

  • All the Adobe InDesign applied elements can be repaired.
  • Preview of the repaired .INDD documents can be seen before recovery.
  • Supports Adobe InDesign CS5.5, CS6, Creative Cloud(CC).
  • Is Compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 and above.

Stellar Phoenix InDesign Repair is the best and only software which is capable of repairing Adobe InDesign documents which got corrupted or damaged due to various reasons. Take a look on the most cool features which make this software one of its kind.


A Complete InDesign Solution

You can bring corrupt InDesign file back to working state regardless of reason that caused it corruption. The tool preserves all of its elements such as, Text, Table of Contents, Master Page, Layers, Special Characters, Images, Media, Footnotes, Hyperlink, Notes, Bookmarks, Standard Shapes, Cross References, Text and Paragraph Formatting, Object Corners Options and Sixe, Image effect, Pen Tool Work, Document Grid Property, External Objects, Pencil Tool Work.


Find or Browser INDD File

You can browse through your computer volumes for corrupt InDesign file to repair or can simply find all the InDesign files from the system volumes. Just choose Mac volume ->Find and the software will list them all. And then choose the corrupt file for recovery. This feature is helpful if you have no idea about the location of your .INDD document.


Preview The Recovered File

After the repairing of .INDD file, the software opens up the repaired file with Adobe InDesign to show the preview of the files. This requires the Adobe InDesign to be installed on the Mac where the recovery operation is carried out. The preview feature gives you the overview of the repaired files.


Raw Recovery

If the file is not clear in the preview phase, you can always switch to Raw Recovery option. An extensive scan is taken by Raw Recovery to fix the corrupt InDesign file and all the data available from the file is extracted. This method of recovery ensures that the most severely corrupt ones should also be repaired and data does not remain inaccessible.


Support and Compatibility

Operating System : Mac OS X – 10.6 Snow Leopard and Above.
Adobe InDesign : CS5.5, CS6, Creative Cloud(CC).


Is it necessary to install Adobe InDesign on my Mac during repair?
Yes, The software requires InDesign installation to show the preview of repaired file. Hence, it is essential.

Single License


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