MS Access Database Repair and Recovery | Fix Corrupt MDB and ACCDB Files

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Microsoft initially released a sophisticated Database Management System (DBMS) in 1992 which we know as Microsoft Access. Microsoft Jet Database Engine is backed with interactive GUI (Graphical User Interface) and development tools to make MS Access fully functional. With such a powerful DBMS with everyday extensive usage, there comes a […]


MySQL Database Recovery

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MySQL is an open source RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) which uses SQL. It is a part of LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL Perl/PHP/Python). It is used to manage the database of a website or ERP (Enterprise Resource Package). It seamlessly provides the execution of SQL database that is compatible with […]


Recover Linux Partition

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Unlike Windows, Linux uses extended (ext4, ext3, ext2) filesystem to control how data is stored and retrieved. Latest versions of Linux mostly use Ext4 filesystem which is the successor to Ext3. Mechanism of data recovery from Windows is quite a different form data recovery from Linux because of difference in […]


Recover Data from Virtual Machine

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Virtual Machine (VM) is the emulated computer system that enables host system to run or work as another system (guest). VM provides the features of physical computer. It offers a layer of abstraction between the computing resources and the applications running over it. In simple words you can say that […]


Recover Deleted Photos | Media and Files Recovery

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Memories captured in camera are once for a lifetime. What passes never come back. Losing your personal or professional data [Photo, Videos, Audios files] due to corrupt or accidentally formatted media storage devices like SD card, digital camera, pen drives, hard disk drives, etc. can be really disappointing. But you […]


Repair Corrupt InDesign File | InDesign Repair

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INDD is the file format for the Adobe InDesign document, developed by Adobe Systems. Adobe InDesign is an artwork publishing software which is used to create magazines, newspapers, flyers, posters, ebooks, books, and presentation. It is the best tool for graphic designers as it comes with all the preloaded functions […]


Recover Deleted Data from iPhone

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We all have came across a time when we accidentally deleted important photos and videos from our phone. The memories we capture in our phone are once for a lifetime. Pictures and videos are the best ways to preserve important moments of life, since a very long time. Our phone […]


Recover Deleted Data from Android

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We all have come across a time when we have deleted important photos, videos or files by accident. Sometimes we have backup sometimes we don’t. Memories captured through phone’s camera are once in a lifetime. The tide of time never runs backward. If you have deleted some beautiful photos or […]


Repair and Recover Corrupt SQL Database

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How to Repair corrupt or broken MDF and NDF file of MS SQL database? Lost records from database? MS SQL Server database got corrupted? database file not opening? database file (.MDF and .NDF) got corrupted? Don’t worry, with Stellar SQL database toolkit, you’ll simply repair and recover corrupt or damaged […]


Repair Corrupt or Damaged Windows PC

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Reimage PC Repair, the only program of its kind which is capable of not only fixing registry items but also works as a PC optimizer and as an antivirus scanner. The software uses Reimage Technology that runs full scan and diagnoses on your system and fixes the critical problems of […]