Facebook Considered Selling User Data?

Facebook Considered Selling User Data?

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An underacted legal paper examined by The Wall Street Journal claims that internal emails imply that the social network giant Facebook Inc. gave thought to sell user data to companies paying them for the access. This would have caused a huge chaos as it violates their own rule of not selling user information.
Facebook employees’ internal emails consist of discussion about charging advertisers more in order to increase access to user information. These emails unveil the conversation about how to charge and sell user’s data to other tech companies which use these data for advertising purposes.

However, in the recent hearing in April, Facebook CEK Mark Zuckerberg had given a statement, “I can’t be clearer on this topic: we don’t sell data.”

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The biggest question arises here that if company promises to not sell data then what were those email conversations about?

The emails are dated to be from 2012 to 2014, however, they lack context, clarification, and are very cut to the short type. But they provide a scope of suspicion which a British law person has determined to make public by next week. These all came after the lawsuit filled against Facebook by a company – Six4Three LLC.

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Why should you be worried?

Most people don’t give a damn about what company is doing with their data. Nowadays, every little website asks your cookie permission, asks for registration, and other personal details. Most of the website actual use those cookie and registered information to show you ads. In the worst-case scenario, your email will be filled with spam and sometimes even you phone message box. It is clearly an invasion of privacy. What I do on net should belong to me only. No one has right to use that information to show me ads. In addition to that, if every website is selling your data, your personal life will be public. Your personal phone number, email, address, etc. can be available to anyone. It is not only the threat to privacy but also the matter of being vulnerable to wrong people.