Kotlin is now the new language for Android


Kotlin was designed and developed by JetBrains and open-source contributors. From its first official release to now, the platform has grown at exponential rate and is now preferred over java by Google for Android development. It is a statically typed cross-platform programming language which is platform independent. It provides both the functions of object-oriented programming and functional programming. Kotlin is considered to better than java for development purpose and is created in a way that is interoperable with java, so that companies can migrate slowly from Java to Kotlin.

Kotlin has been designed to overcome the problems that Android developers faced for a long time. Till then, the only programming language to overcome those problems was Scala. But slow compile time was the deciding factor to not choose Scala. Kotlin is a new programming language which is as efficient as Scala and as fast as Java.

Why Kotlin Over Java?

Kotlin has fixed many irritating issues that were present in Java. Type system controls the null references in Kotlin which was not possible in Java. There are no raw types in Kotlin and is backed with proper function type. Kotlin doesn’t deal with checked exception. And above all it is open source and is backed with strong and dedicated development team and a promised future. It is said change is inevitable. And we must be open to learn new technologies and adapt according to that for the betterment of the society.

Benefits of Migrating to Kotlin from Java

  1. Increased Rate of production: Due to fewer chances of error in code, the rate of production will be increased with marginal difference.
  2. Kotlin is open source: Developers will get the chance to look into the core functionality of the language and discover more about its working.
  3. Great Support: JetBrains and Google are providing great support towards their new preferred language and promised a great future.
  4. We can say it is the Swift of Android: Just as iOS is controlled by powerful language Swift; we can say that Kotlin is the new Swift for Android development.
  5. Kotlin is less complex: In terms of learning and using, Kotlin beats Java with noticeable margin. That’s why the developers are adopting Kotlin.
  6. It is focussed on Java Standard Library extension.
  7. Kotlin provides null safety.
  8. Kotlin supports functional programming: Kotlin has dual support for both object-oriented and functional programming.
  9. It provides the best and maximum uses of Java capabilities.
  10. Strong IDE support: If you are familiar with IntelliJ and Android studio then you know what I am talking about. Over the last few years we noticed a drastic support towards Kotlin by these powerful IDEs.
  11. It has strong economic support.

Conclusion [Is Kotlin better than Java?]

There is no denying that days of Java are about to over in terms of Android app development. Kotlin is better, efficient and holds a great future ahead. Companies are preferring to move to Kotlin for development purpose. So, gear up developers, master the new language.

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