Preview WhatsApp Videos in Notification | WhatsApp New Feaures

Preview WhatsApp Videos in Notification | WhatsApp New Feaures

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WhatsApp is the world’s most used free messaging app. Every month WhatsApp rolls out new and interactive features to make its usage more user friendly and convenient. Some days ago, it gave Android users privilege to send stickers which was firstly introduced for iPhone users.

In the latest beta update, the free messaging app – WhatsApp released a new feature for its iPhone users. With this new update, iPhone can preview WhatsApp videos in the push notification bar. Users will be able to play videos right from there notification bar. Although this feature is official available in beta version of the WhatsApp, some non-beta users also reported of getting this feature with the latest update (may be due to technical glitch).

Although this feature sounds cool, not every user is happy with it and they want WhatsApp to roll out video preview in notification feature. Friends share some videos which cannot be seen in public. In that case, if the notification bar start playing video in public places it might result in embarrassment and humiliation. Users say either make this feature optional or just roll it out.

We are seeing the similar case when in past Facebook acquired WhatsApp decided to deprecate “Text Status” feature and put Instagram like 24-hours limited status only. This resulted in outrage among users and various negative reviews on Play store and Appstore, due to which the company decided bring back the feature with new name “About” section.

So, it might be possible that WhatsApp will make this feature optional to meet the demands of every users.

Will WhatsApp Video Preview in Notification be Available for Android?

Of course, YES, Android is one of the most used operation systems in the world. With its open source Linux kernel and sophisticated security provided by tech giant Google, android has been favourite OS for many users for many years. Although there is no any official news about releasing video preview in notification bar for android users, it is expected to be released after the official roll out of the feature for iPhone users.