Convert MBOX Emails to PDF File



A handy tool to convert all your MBOX Emails to PDF in one go.

Convert MBOX to PDF

The powerful tool which enables you to convert all your MBOX email data to PDF format without any data loss. The software retains the original folder on-disk hierarchy while converting MBOX data to PDF file format.

Supports all Adobe Editions

The converted PDF file from MBOX can be opened by any Adobe reader edition. The software is self-reliable i.e. you need not to install Adobe Acrobat to do conversion from MBOX to PDF.

Conversion in batch mode

The software is facilitated with the feature of converting bulk of MBOX files to PDF file in one go. The MBOX files to be converted should be kept in same folder to acquire this feature.

Preserves Meta Properties

All the meta-properties of emails (such as, subject line, data and time, to, bcc, cc, etc.) of the MBOX emails are preserved during the conversion to PDF file format. In addition to that, the text formatting of emails is also retained as same as original file.

Convert Emails with Attachments

This powerful tool has backend algorithms which lets your attachments unharmed as your MBOX emails are converted to PDF file format. The software is able to convert all the MBOX emails along with its attachments such as .doc, .ppt, images, etc. to PDF file format with keeping its attachments in its original form.

Supports All Email Clients

All the MBOX based email clients are supported by this software to perform the conversion of MBOX email to PDF file format such as Pocomail, Eudora, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Berkely, etc.

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